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He tried to break me.

I've passed the first test, but this one is going to be so much worse, because I'm going to have to face it with the man who tried to destroy me. He will stop at nothing to win, but neither will I, even if it means spending my time in the second circle of hell with him.
Last time he messed with my head, but this time he'll abuse my body and if I want to go to the next circle, I'll have to let him.
If it wasn't for my sister calling me on, I'd give up entirely, but giving up isn't an option and he's not the only one who can play games.

Besides, I'm already in hell, so how far can I really fall?

Lust is book two in the Inferno Games series that will follow the circles of Hell: Purgatory, Lust, Gluttony (Insatiable), Avarice, Wrath, Heresy, Violence, Fraud, Treachery and finally, the ninth circle where Satan himself is waiting to collect your soul.

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